A live heritage!

Our history starts with Henry Lhopital. Visionary and intuitive, as a vine grower, he decides to produce his Champagne sold under his own name. But time is rough and Champagne is not as popular as it is nowadays. Sales are limited. 

His son André gives a real impulse to the family business. Thanks to his know-how, he grows his vineyard by acquiring different plots in the best crus of the region. The Champagne House J. De Telmont is born. 

Serge Lhopital, third generation, gives a new impulse to the production and commercialization of his Champagne; sales take off!
The wines of Champagne are more and more enjoyed around the world. Year after year, harvest after harvest, our House gains in credibility and awareness. During that time, our House is moved from the centre of the village to our current location, 1 Avenue de Champagne in Damery.

The fourth generation

The fourth generation is composed of Bertrand and Pascale, brother and sister. A new story is written, enriched thanks to their complementarity. Continuity of the House, transmission of our know-how and values, the choice of our methods of production respecting the environment: biodynamics. These are challenges that our family is willing to take over, always with the same enthusiasm.

Years of work in the vineyard and in the cellars, many hours dedicated to our bottles…A lot of time. All this time allows us to rank us among the 20 greatest Champagne Houses.

vignes champagne Telmont

A nice family story

“Glory to the Champagne!” 1912 is the beginning of a long family story that still carries on nowadays. Four generations wrote the history of our House and the Champagne. It is a transmission of a love story and a subtle balance between artisanal know-how of exception and technical evolutions. Today, we are proud to be a 100% independent family House, free of its choices.

People, talents, a passion to share

vendanges champagne direct producteur

Our know-how, a commitment for a Champagne with character

Every of the four generation brought its knowledge to our family House in the wine-making process. Time went by and this heritage has been protected, transmitted and developed. Our Champagnes are somehow part of ourselves. 

secret partagé

Artisans of Champagne

The harvest by hand has always been precise and delicate. For our Prestige cuvees, the art of “tiré-bouché liège” (ageing on natural cork) is carried on; the wine-making and ageing take place in foudres (large oak vats); riddling is still hand-made…Our family proudly perpetuates with passion this tradition and develops it. Our ambition: the on-going search of excellence: always better wines of Champagne, the expression of our history. 


…And grape becomes Champagne!

Hand harvest, extraction of the must and first fermentation, blending from different wines, bottling, “prise de mousse” (second fermentation), ageing in the cellars and disgorgement…and more time required. Come and share our secrets!

photo champagne rosé